Featured Diversity Programs

The offices, institute, and centers below are being featured this spring semester as diversity initiatives that make a big impact. We encourage you to take a look and learn how you can benefit and contribute to these exceptional diversity efforts on campus.

Center for Race & Ethnicity (CRE)

CRE organizes a wide range of panels, lectures, film screenings, forums, and conferences that promote interdisciplinary engagement with issues of race and ethnicity in the state, the region, and the world.

Center for Social Justice Education (SJE) and LGBT Communities

SJE and LGBT Communities fosters all students' engagement with and understanding of the complex issues of power, privilege, and prejudice. SJE promotes students' exploration of modes of advocacy and activism in order to change the structures that exclude and oppress groups and individuals.

Institute for Women's Leadership (IWL)

IWL is a consortium of teaching, research, and public service units dedicated to examining leadership issues and advancing women's leadership in all arenas of public life – locally, nationally, and globally. 

Office of Disability Services

ODS provides the necessary tools, resources, and support for individuals with disabilities to become responsible decision makers and self-advocates in charge of their own future.

Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI)

ODI programs put into practice our principals of Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access.  Find out how.

Tyler Clementi Center

TCC is a collaboration between Rutgers University and The Tyler Clementi Foundation whose mission is to create and share knowledge about young people making the transition to college and coming of age in the digital era. Independently and in partnership with organizations and units within and beyond Rutgers, the TCC promotes interdisciplinary research, education, and programs that focus on examining and improving the experiences of youth.