Our I.D.E.A

Here's what we at Rutgers' ODI believe to be the equation for academic excellence:


+ Inclusion

This is the opening premise, the sine qua non, of any deeply rooted diversity strategy, because it pledges that students, staff, and faculty who come to Rutgers will be accepted for who they are. Inclusiveness promises security and recognition to each member of the Rutgers community.

+ Diversity

An inclusive community will produce diversity because inclusiveness empowers individuals to express themselves freely. And, it is from this mix of free expressions that a marketplace of ideas thrives.

+ Equity

Inclusiveness and diversity open the door of opportunity to each individual who comes to Rutgers; thus, contributing to a community distinguished by its fairness. To each who joins our community, we offer support for aspirations that result from each individual’s unique blend of talents.

+ Access

Inclusiveness and diversity produce opportunity and access. New ideas result from the unpredictable mixing that emerges from an inclusive community. A crucible of ideas generates fresh perspectives that, in turn, lead to innovations.

= Excellence

Excellence is the payoff for building a community of inclusiveness, diversity, opportunity, and equity. An academic community that assists its members as they realize their potential will excel as a university.