The 2015 Diversity Almanac

How does one observe the Rutgers experience? After all, while we digest Rutgers in a series of daily circuits, Rutgers sprawls across space, time, intellect, and culture, so much so that we acknowledge that there’s a Rutgers out there beyond our personal reach. At the same time, we aspire to academic excellence, to engage every student who arrives, as well as to reach out to alums and a large external constituency. As a result, we require metrics to mark our progress.

This almanac seeks to provide some of those metrics. As we aspire to develop diversity and inclusion as theme and foundation, we require a better understanding of who we are. The Diversity Almanac addresses that necessity by assembling data from multiple sources, in order to illustrate the dimensions of diversity at Rutgers. Admittedly, it’s a complex picture. To begin with, we situated Rutgers data within the context of New Jersey and the states that make up the region. To give a more targeted context, we have situated the data within the frame of the Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC) , because we have much in common with the big state universities that comprise the CIC.

We hope that you will be intrigued, engrossed, and enlightened. After all, the Diversity Almanac is an incomplete event-next year’s work will depend on our evaluation of this year’s edition. Consequently, we hope that you will send us your feedback.

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Jorge Reina Schement

Vice President for Institutional Diversity and Inclusion Distinguished Professor of Communication Policy Distinguished Professor of Latino Studies
Rutgers University